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Our Pillars

These are the Frostwolf Pillars, or our beliefs and standards that we hold ourselves to.

  1. People over Pixels. We value and respect the person behind the computer screen. We all have different backgrounds, upbringing, obligations, and views on life. We respect our differences and ensure this an environment where people feel welcome.
  2. Community First. We value being together whether it’s in WoW, Zoom Parties, or another game. The joy of gaming is doing it with friends. So is the joy of drinking, which is why all members must be 21+
  3. Approach Discourse Maturely. Whether during raid, rp, pvp, or discord we will all have our own takes. Everyone here is expected to act as an adult and approach disagreements by discussing the idea/issue at hand and not the person. Discourse is encouraged and helps us be better but only if we focus on the issue. If you run into an issue that cannot be resolved please reach out to an officer.
  4. Have Fun. Gaming is about having fun and that is why we are here!

–Earthcaller, May 11 2021